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Jim Mooney, Albuquerque NM

Reanna vandermark, Nashville TN

Franz Sturm, Albuquerque NM

Mike Araiza, Albuquerque NM

Wow!! What a book!! I wish I’d had this years ago!

— Michael G, Indiegogo Backer


“Thank you for making this book available!”

It is incredible that you can pass on the lessons learned from your father. I see other guitarists as family too and I think it is truly special that you are going to enrich the guitar community as a whole. The guitar still holds so much mystery for me (which I love), and I want a guide through some of what I’ve encountered. I look forward to it very much.

Jeffrey M, Indiegogo Backer

“It's amazing that nobody has published such an interesting and relatable guitar theory book before.”

I have bookshelves full of every imaginable guitar theory book, none of which I have been able to get through. Once I read Music Theory You Can Use, the theory gelled and now I readily understand the other guys’ books...Now I understand the WHY behind all the music that I play.

Tim P, Indiegogo Backer

Malcolm Madera, Los Angeles CA

Rose Day, Albuquerque NM

Lars Panaro, Corrales NM

Insun Blemel, Albuquerque NM

A great book. Very clear and easy to read...feels like months of guitar lessons condensed into a quick and easy format.
— Alan Boyes, guitarist, Honolulu HI

Bob Kelly and Karl Gustafson, Albuquerque NM

Tom Toevs, Albuquerque NM

Louis Gunther, Moriarity NM

Mike Day, Albuquerque NM

Luke Lujan, albuquerque NM

Alan Boyes, Kapaa HI

This is really a practical and useful book covering all the basics and beyond. It`s very clearly written and I can highly recommend it for beginners and students, as well as working musicians. The format is excellent. It`s a real opener to the world of music and leads through the topics step-by-step in an exciting way.
— Ulrich Zumalia, guitarist, Germany

Mark Zapatka, Santa Fe NM

Music theory made simple.