What is Music Theory You Can Use?

To those of us who love the guitar, music theory can seem somehow out of reach.  It's a thing that some guitarists seem to just 'get,' and that others can't seem to get their heads around at all.

Well, not anymore...

This may be the first time you've heard his name, however Steve Maase has been a guitar legend in Albuquerque, New Mexico since the 1960's.  He passed away on October 1, 2016, the morning after he finished writing this book.

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To those who knew him, Steve was arguably one of the most gifted and under-heard guitarists of his generation.

But he is most remembered as a teacher who genuinely cared about his students.  Steve gave nearly a hundred guitar lessons a week for more than fifty years and changed many of his students' lives in the process.

I am one of these students.  I studied theory with Steve at an early age, and only for a short while, but our time together absolutely shaped the course of my life as a musician.  Steve's approach was easy to grasp, just as easy to apply, and gave me a true understanding of the music that I loved.  This gift has enabled me to spend my entire life as a professional guitarist, and to work with great musicians from all over the world.

Music Theory You Can Use teaches theory in the same manner that one learns to ride a bike or drive a car.  It's accessible, it's elegant and, once you absorb it, it's yours to use for life.

I encourage you to take this simple, practical approach and make it your own.

-Tim Pierce, Guitarist

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An organic look at music theory.

— Mark Daven, the Guitar Radio Show, Austin TX


Feels like months of guitar lessons condensed into a quick and easy format.

— Alan Boyes, guitarist, Honolulu HI

Wow!! What a book!! I wish I’d had this years ago!

— Michael G, Indiegogo Backer



Music theory made simple.