Steve Maase was the greatest friend and teacher I could have had. 

-Tim Pierce, LA session guitarist

“Steve Maase’s approach was vastly different from other guitar teachers of his time as he was graciously giving us the tools to not only play the guitar but to be able to communicate in a concise and accurate manner with other musicians...This is an excellent tool and reference for the guitarist who wants to completely and fully understand the fretboard."

— Mikey Wright, the Voice, Los Angeles CA

"Steve Maase was very important in my development as a young musician and human being. He was a great teacher and mentor to many, and positively impacted many lives, including mine  It would take too many words to effectively explain Steve's importance in my life."

— Eric McFadden, guitarist, Los Angeles CA

"Steve was one of the very first musicians of my generation that I realized had truly reached a level of mastery, and one whose generosity and care made him truly unique.  There was never a time when he did not show the highest level of musicianship and integrity.  No one was doing what Steve was doing in the 60's and 70's.  Way before people like Jamey Aebersold were touting the modal context of improvisation, Steve was giving all of us the real word that would become the foundation of our playing from then on out.  He did so with the kind of care and example that made everything he said so important to us all."                                      

John Truitt, educator, Albuquerque NM