Teaches theory in the same manner that one learns to ride a bike or drive a car.  It's accessible, it's elegant and, once you absorb it, it's yours to use for life.

-Tim Pierce, LA session guitarist


Who We Are

Guitar Dad Publications is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to furthering an understanding of the guitar through accessible, content-driven teaching materials.  Our flagship book, Music Theory You Can use, generated over $12K in presales on word of mouth alone.  The book was released worldwide to the public in March 2018, in partnership with Mascot Books.

Music Theory You Can Use


Steve Maase taught 80-100 guitar lessons a week for nearly 50 years, and was arguably one of the most gifted and under-heard guitarists of his generation.

One part memoir, one part instruction, and one part practical application, Music Theory You Can Use is a book that presents timeless information in a unique format that is both accessible and easy for most developing guitarists to apply to their instruments right away.

Professional Endorsements

"He was the greatest friend and teacher that I could have had."

-Tim Pierce, LA session guitarist

"This is an excellent tool and reference for the guitarist who wants to completely and fully understand the fretboard."

-Mikey Wright, the Voice, Los Angeles CA

"An organic look at music theory."

-Mark Daven, the Guitar Radio Show, Austin TX

Written in easy-to-read terminology with diagrams and worksheets along the way…it’s almost as if you’re being taken along Maase’s personal journey.”     

-Guitar Girl Magazine        

“Wow!! What a book! I wish I'd had this years ago!"